Pipe Track Hoe Operator


Operate the excavator/hoe and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.  Perform daily maintenance and safety checks of equipment.  Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment, and clean, lubricate and refill equipment as necessary.  Work with ground personnel in the excavation and installation process of laying pipe on line and grade.  Ensure trench is excavated to the proper depth/grade.  Responsible for placement of water, storm and sanitary sewer pipe in the excavation.  Follow directions of ground crew regarding craning, gravel placement and grading.  Cut grade with minimal time spent on excavating to ensure production is on schedule.  Conduct trench work, which meets OH&S requirements.  Operate Excavator/Hoe on public roadways, maintaining proper awareness of ones surroundings.  Ensure a sound understanding of the issues involving ground disturbance.  Be aware of proper rigging of pipe, manhole barrels, etc. and ensure safe work procedures are followed during the lowering of materials into the excavation.  Perform routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure smooth operation of the Excavator/Hoe.  Train new employees in the safe and efficient operation of the Excavator/Hoe.  Operate other heavy equipment and other construction related duties as required.  Must ensure a solid understanding of, and comply with the principles of the company’s Code of Ethics.  Must examine situations in light of the principles of the Code of Ethics.

Job Category: Pipe Backhoe Operator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Daytona Beach (East Coast Division) Orlando

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