Project Coordinator - Tampa, FL Area

Key Responsibilities:


  1. Process Contract documents:
    1. Manages signature copies, transmitting procedure and original document file.
    2. Assist Project Manager in creating Schedule of Value and Billing Template.
  2. Billing / Pay Application / Draw Request / Accounts Receivable:
    1. Track billing date; create monthly draft of draw for Project Manager to indicate amounts of billing.
    2. Update records; send billing according to terms of contract.
    3. File all records.
  3. Change Orders:
    1. Update / Maintain Requested Change Order Log (RCO).
    2. Assign numerical order of RCO’s.
    3. Submit any items with RCO requested by Project Manager or Owner.
    4. File all records.
    5. Update Dropbox with unpriced items for field.
  4. Permits:
    1. Complete permitting applications as directed by Project Manager.
    2. File completed and distribute to field for Job Posting.
  5. Notice to Owner (NTO):
    1. Complete Notice to Owner form and send as directed by Project Manager.
  6. Utility Line Locates / Spots:
    1. Create written description of job site area (perimeter) to be marked by utility locators for their underground pipes (i.e. Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Phone, Cable, Fiber Optic) as directed by Project Manager.
    2. Maintain utility line locates for duration of project or until told by Project Manager or General Superintendent to cease and inactivate.
  7. Subcontracts:
    1. Create subcontract with information provided by Project Manager.
    2. Provide Subcontract to subcontractor by mail or other means for Subcontractor’s signature.  Track timely return of Subcontractors copy.
    3. File signed original in project file, removing unsigned copy.
    4. Obtain Subcontractor’s W-9 & Insurance Certificates if not already on file.
    5. Maintain Subcontract list and values to budget.
    6. Assign numerical Subcontractors change orders.
  8. Purchase Orders:
    1. Daily computer entry of purchase orders (Approved by Project Manager)
    2. Original PO to accounting with detailed quote attached.
    3. Copy to project file with quote attached.
  9. Submittals and Request for Information (RFI):
    1. Maintain both files with log to register submission dates and return dates.
    2. Request, Submit and Track as directed by Project Manager.
  10. Project Correspondence:
    1. Type and fax any project related correspondence as directed by Project Manager or estimating staff.
    2. Distribute and file in appropriate electronic or hard copy files.
  11. Project Files:
    1. Create, maintain and organize files for new and existing, electronic or hard copy files, for all projects.
    2. Daily filing to project files.
    3. Maintain active and inactive project list.
  12. Work Orders (Work order are classified as small value and/or time projects):
    1. Maintain all records in individual files.


Standards – Company Wide


  1. Evaluate, recommend, develop and implement improved construction or service systems, policies, methods and procedures.
  2. Evaluate the performance and results of their crews.
  3. Train, lead and coach their crews as needed to improve productivity.
  4. Provide input and assistance to VP of Operations, Project Managers and other Superintendents.
  5. Continually improve personal technical, supervisory, personnel, and customer relations skills.
  6. All interactions with customers, owners, engineers, etc., whether it is in person or a telephone call, will be conducted with respect and in a professional manner.
  7. VP of Operations, Project Managers and other Superintendents will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved, or deadlines that cannot be met within a reasonable time frame, and before the deadline has arrived.
  8. All proprietary company information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.
  9. Perform all administrative requirements per process.
  10. General maintenance of company owned assigned tools or equipment.


Comply with all processes and procedures outlined in the company Handbook and/or Safety Manual


Job Category: Project Coordinator
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: FL Tampa (West Coast Division)

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