Project Manager


Key Responsibilities:


  1. Prior to the beginning of each job, the Project Manager will provide all job schedules, work orders and budgets to the office and field as follows:
  1. Use estimator information to put all scopes of work together.
  2. Field supervisors receive a schedule and budget provided by Project Manager.
    • Prior to each job starting, the schedule, work order, production and budget shall be reviewed in detail with each supervisor of each crew.
    • Each week the schedule and work orders shall be reviewed by the general superintendent and project manager.
    • A copy of each schedule for each job, a budget with numbers and a work order for each job shall be provided by Project Management to office.
    • At the weekly meeting, a progress report shall be presented by the project manager regarding each job.
  3. The Project Manager has full responsibility for reporting and documenting changes to each job including change orders, submittals, change of plan set, changes to work orders due to the change order and any other change to the original contract.  Change order documentation will be completed and provided to the Owner as per their prescribed time frame, but approval should be obtained prior to work being completed.
  4. The Project Manager is responsible for completing pay requests for each job in a timely manner.  Pay requests will be on Division Manager’s/President’s desk for review 24 hours before they are due.
  5. The Project Manager acts as an intermediary for all communications between the owner, Engineers, and our company personnel.
  6. The Project Manager finalizes each job through request for retainage and completed punch lists and provides as built information.
  7. The Project Manager looks at jobs with estimator to help the bid process.  Review and sign off on estimate prior to proposal completion.
  8. This position will be involved in monthly meetings reviewing all financials as pertained to his or her projects along with cost variance reports, WIP reports and any other reporting as it relates to this positions profitability

   Standards – Company Wide

  1. Evaluate, recommend, develop and implement improved construction or service systems, policies, methods and procedures.
  2. Evaluate the performance and results of their crews.
  3. Train, lead and coach their crews as needed to improve productivity.
  4. Provide input and assistance to Division Manager, VP of Operations, Project Managers and Superintendents.
  5. Continually improve personal technical, supervisory, personnel, and customer relations skills.
  6. All interactions with customers, owners, engineers, etc., whether it is in person or a telephone call, will be conducted with respect and in a professional manner.
  7. Division Manager, VP of Operations, Project Managers and Superintendents will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved, or deadlines that cannot be met within a reasonable time frame, and before the deadline has arrived.
  8. All proprietary company information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.
  9. Perform all administrative requirements per process.
  10. General maintenance of company owned assigned tools or equipment.


Comply with all processes and procedures outlined in the company Handbook and/or Safety Manual.


Job Category: Project Manager
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Sanford FL

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